Travel Matters

Travel and tourism is one of Texas' most important engines for economic growth. Travelers spend hundreds of millions of dollars in communities across Texas every day, spending a projected $69 billion in 2015. Travel is Texas' second largest export industry, directly supporting  653,000 jobs within the hospitality and tourism industry. The industry is a major economic driver in every region and county of the state, urban and rural, coastal and inland. 

Wise and strategic investments in travel promotion feed a cycle of economic benefits. Travel promotion programs spur interest in visiting destinations among potential travelers. Stronger travel interest generates more visitors. Additional visitors spend more at local attractions, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and other businesses. Greater travel spending supports more local jobs and generates additional tax revenue for state and local governments.

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U.S. Travel Facts

In 2015 the U.S. Travel Association reported the following statistics regarding travel and tourism in the United States…

  • $928.1 billion in domestic and international traveler expenditures in the U.S.
  • 8.0 million jobs supported by direct travel expenditures
  • $221.7 billion wages and salaries for works generated by traveler spending
  • $141.5 billion in tax revenue generated by travel spending for federal, state and local governments
Economic Impact Infographic

More Information

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Texas Travel Facts
The State of Texas travel research shows the 2015 economic impact from travel and tourism generated, a few highlights include… 
  • 98.3 Million room nights sold
  • $69 billion in direct travel spending
  • $6.2 billion in state and local taxes generated for Texas 
  • Approximately 653,000 jobs directly supported by tourism

DFW Travel Facts

  • The DFW Metroplex is the #1 most visited destination in Texas.  
  • There are over 48 million domestic visitors alone and $19.5 billion in direct visitor spending in the DFW area.  
  • Tourism in DFW contributed over $1.7 billion in state and local taxes.  
  • To break it down: without the travel generated tax revenue, each household in Texas would have to pay $680 more in local, state and federal taxes for an equivalent level of services!!! 
The Power of Travel, U.S. Travel Association