Public Art

A City is its streets and infrastructure and the people who protect it, but the culture, look and feel of a community also affects our quality of life in an important way. The City’s Public Art pages are an ever expanding catalog of public art that colors the City’s landscape.

Roundabout Art
On the Count of Three.jpg On the Count of Three
By:  Jane DeDecker
Location:  White Chapel & Continental

“On the Count of Three” depicts young parents in sync, holding hands through their child enjoying together the child’s joy of momentary flight.
Lessons we have learned 2.jpgLessons we have learned.jpg
Lessons We Have Learned
By: Jane DeDecker
Location:White Chapel & Dove

Two Sculptures depicting multiple generations are placed across from each other with trees planted between. Each piece becoming a more intimate surprise. Both placed on natural stone bases within a natural wooded
Morning.jpg Morning
By: Darrell Davis
Location: Carroll & Dove

The grouping of deer in this sculpture is intended to evoke a peaceful pastoral scene reminiscent of the rural feel of the northern part of Southlake  
Taking Flight 2 Taking Flight
By: Seth Vandable
Location: Brumlow & Continental

The sculpture represents the power of literature to transport young readers to faraway places.  It also symbolizes education, and its impact on the future success of our children and their potential to reach for their dreams.
 North Park Art
North Park Art Longhorn Bas Relief
By: Janice Hart Melito 
 Southlake Town Square
Brian Stebbins
The Ties that Bind
By: Jane DeDecker
Location: Family Park, Southlake Town Square

What was once farmland, developer Brian Stebbins and the City of Southlake envisioned as a center of activities and downtown for the City; a community-gathering place for events and entertainment; a place to conduct commerce; and the heart of our City’s government.
 DPS Headquarters
Fire Dog Loyalty and Service Above All Else
By: Archie St. Clair
fireman_police.jpg Sentinel
By: Archie St. Clair 
Police Dog Loyalty and Service Above All Else
By: Archie St. Clair
 DPS North Training Facility Art
DPS North Firefighter Reunion
By: Gary Alsum
DPS North Mural Semper Paratus
By: Sheldon James
DPS North Policeman
Saluting a Hero
By" Gary Alsum