Schedule of Events

Join us for some Patriotic Fun in Town Square! Love the sound of the Southlake Community Band, find a spot by Rustin Pavilion. Ready to shake a leg and dance the night away, Frank Edgar Cornish, IV Park might be the spot for you. Want to sit back and just enjoy the view? Find a spot in McPherson Park. There's a little something for everyone at Stars & Stripes. Take a look at the schedule of event for each location, it varies just a little bit for each location. The Patriotic Ceremony will take place at Rustin Pavilion and will have the sound streamed to the other parks. 

Frank Edgar Cornish, IV Park

Stars and Stripes 2014 1496

6:00  PM Event Begins
6:00   PM Michael Hix & the Holla
8:00  PM Patriotic Ceremony
8:15   PM Downtown Fever
9:25   PM Fireworks Countdown
9:30  PM Fireworks
10:00 PM Downtown Fever
11:00 PM Event Ends

McPherson Park

NK6_0162_July 03_ 2013

 PM Event Begins
8:00   PM Patriotic Ceremony
8:15   PM Downtown Fever
9:25   PM Fireworks Countdown 
9:30   PM Fireworks
11:00 PM Event Ends

Rustin Pavilion

NK6_0212_July 03_ 2013

6:00   PM Event Begins
6:00   PM Swing Band
8:00   PM Patriotic Ceremony
8:15   PM Southlake Community Band
9:25   PM Fireworks Countdown
9:30   PM Fireworks  
10:00 PM Park Closes