Activities & Entertainment

Southlake has so many things to keep your day filled.  Of course, we are proud of our shopping and dining available with boundaries of Southlake, but there are great things waiting beyond the surface here. 
Escape Room Southlake 2

Red Door Escape Room
Interest in an immersive entertainment experience?  You will NOT want to miss Southlake's own Red Door Escape Room.  An unbelievable chance to problem-solve while being immersed in an intense setting will be sure to challenge your inner thrill-seeker! Locked in a room full of cryptic puzzles and hidden clues with exactly 60 minutes to solve the clues and escape the room. It's perfect for family, friends, corporate groups, and sports teams!

Southlake history

Historical Tour
Think there’s no history in Southlake? Think again! The Southlake area has a rich history that reaches past its birth in 1956 to the 1840s, when Texas was a republic, and before. No matter how long you’ve been in Southlake or how many times you have visited, you are sure to feel a deeper connection to this interesting city of Southlake. Get more information here.

Brian Stebbins

Public Art Viewing
A City is its streets and infrastructure and the people who protect it, but the culture, look and feel of a community also affects our quality of life in an important way. The City’s Public Art pages are an ever-expanding catalog of public art that colors the City’s landscape.  Walk among the beautiful detail all around the City and enjoy the passion of these unique masterpieces.