Fill the Boot


In 2019, the Southlake Fire Department collected $66,142.51 and set an all-time record. The campaign was put on hold in 2020 due to the pandemic. Southlake firefighters are looking forward to making up this year. Visit them at the dunking booth during the 2021 Stars & Stripes event to help kick off the campaign!

The Southlake Fire Department will be joining the International Association of Fire Fighters in Giving Muscular Dystrophy the Boot. For more than 67 years, Fill the Boot has been a strong fire fighter tradition – giving families with muscular dystrophy in hometowns across America hope for the future and support for today.

Every boot drive helps families with muscular dystrophy in your community by:

  • Funding Research for New Treatments
    • Fire fighters have played a major role in funding research for muscular dystrophy and in the last year, three promising new drugs received FDA approval.
  • Supporting MDA Care Centers
    • These centers are held at top hospitals and health care facilities, giving families access to best-in-class doctors and specialists without having to travel long distances
  • Sending kids to MDA Summer Camp 
    • Each year, the money you raise through Fill the Boot helps give more than 3,800 kids a life-changing week at MDA Summer Camp, at no charge to their families.

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Community Spotlight: Nicole Stickane Advocates for Newborn Screening in Texas

"I was born and raised in Texas. My husband Daniel and I live in Southlake with our three children — Sloan, Luke, and Jordan. Our middle son, Luke, was born in July of 2016. Around 3 months of age, Luke started to fuss after feedings and was behind in early developmental milestones. We raised both concerns with our pediatrician at our 4-month wellness check. At their recommendation, we thickened his feed to address his feeding issues, but on his milestones were told that all children develop differently."

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