Somos Southlake Fiesta

2f83b8af-0baa-4780-a6fb-76004b72b31fSomos Southlake Fiesta: Hispanic Heritage Celebration in Southlake


Hispanic Heritage Month was founded in 1968 to celebrate the rich multi-cultural Hispanic and Latino communities in the US.  A growing population with twenty-two different countries considered to be Hispanic in origin and Spanish being the second most spoken native language in the world with over 477 million native speakers. “American Latinos are woven into the fabric of our nation, especially in Texas where our cultures have been interconnected for centuries. 40% of Texans are of Latino descent and 1 in 2 babies born, making Hispanics a fast-growing mainstream. That is why celebrating Hispanic Heritage is a great moment for us all to share on the strength we represent as a diverse country and a city that welcomes and celebrates that proudly,” - Lili Gil Valletta, business owner CEO of the cultural intelligence agency CIEN+, television commentator and Southlake resident.


Last year Somos Southlake Hispanic Heritage Fiesta was created and received with open arms by the community in Southlake.  Somos Southlake is a group of Southlake neighbors that came together as one whole with a common goal to bring the community together to celebrate and commemorate the contributions of Hispanic-Americans. Hispanic heritage is American heritage, I am equally proud of my Hispanic heritage as I am proud to be an American.” – Carolina Delcalvo, Somos Southlake board member.


Planned in only 13 days the event was propelled into existence by its members and their passion to display the beauty and traditions of their culture. The committee was overwhelmed by the attention received in just 13 days of planning and promotion. Over 3000 people attended to dance the night away to the live music and performances and all food trucks and booths exceeded their sales expectations as they sold out of food and beverages.


Somos Southlake Fiesta is set for their second event on October 2nd, 2022. The event will take place from 1-7pm in Southlake Town Square. We hope to see an even larger turnout to celebrate this beautiful culture.  If you would like more information on sponsoring or volunteering, please contact